2023 Short Course on GNSS-IR

E-mail list

Would you like to join our gnssrefl users email list? This is currently maintained by To join, please e-mail or Kristine Larson.



  • Kristine M. Larson Overall

  • Kelly Enloe Jupyter Notebooks

  • Tim Dittmann Access to Dockers

  • Radon Rosborough helped with python/packaging questions, improved our docker distribution, and set up smoke tests.

  • Naoya Kadota added the GSI data archive and helped find a bug in nmea2snr.

  • Joakim Strandberg provided python RINEX translators and the EGM96 code.

  • Johannes Boehm provided source code for the refraction correction.

  • Makan Karegar added the NMEA capability.

  • Dave Purnell provided his SNR inversion code.

  • Carolyn Roesler helped with the original GNSS-IR Matlab codes.

  • Felipe Nievinski and Simon Williams have provided significant advice for this project.

  • Clara Chew and Eric Small developed the soil moisture algorithm; I ported it to python with Kelly’s help.

  • Sree Ram Radha Krishnan ported the rzones web app code.

  • Dan Nowacki added Glonass to the NMEA reader

  • Taylor Smith has worked on the NMEA reader and the refl_zones utility.

  • Surui Xie and Thomas Nylen were instrumental in finding a bug in the newarcs version

  • Peng Feng, Rudiger Haas, and Gunnar Elgered have helped us improve refraction models.

How you can help improve this code

  • Archives frequently change their file transfer protocols. If you find one in gnssrefl that doesn’t work anymore, please fix it and let us know. Please test that it works for both older and newer data.

  • If you would like to add an archive, please do so. Use the existing code as a starting point.

  • Check the issues section of the repository and look for “help wanted.”

  • Write up a new use case

  • Investigate surface related biases.

How to get help with your gnssrefl questions

If you are new to the software, you should consider watching the videos about GNSS-IR

Before you ask for help - you should check to see if you are running the current software. Please go to the install page for help on how to update your latest docker/jupyter installs. For github/pypi, we recommend doing a clean download and new install.

You are encouraged to submit your concerns as an issue to the github repository. If you are unfamiliar with github, you can also email Kelly ( ) about Jupyter NoteBooks or Tim ( for commandline/docker issues. Please include

  • the exact command or section of code you were running that prompted your question.

  • details such as the error message or behavior you are getting. Please copy and paste (this is preferred over a screenshot) the error string. If the string is long - please post the error string in a thread response to your question.

  • the operating system of your computer.

Old news section from before we moved to readthedocs

Updated February 1, 2024

Kristine M. Larson