2024 Short Course on GNSS-IR for Water Level Measurements


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March 6 Basic principles of GNSS-IR, How to run the gnssrefl software

March 7 Using gnssrefl for Water Level Measurements: Lakes, Rivers, Tides

The course meets each day from 12:00-14:00 Central European Time.

There will be a short break at the midpoint.

Before the Class Begins

Install gnssrefl

Beginner with GNSS-IR and python try this

If you are familiar with GNSS-IR and python installs try this

Some comments from the last short course

Lecture Material

Links to videos and lecture files

Course Instructors

Kristine M. Larson, Bonn University, Germany

Simon Williams, National Oceanography Centre, United Kingdom

Felipe Nievinski, Uni. Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Summary Paper

More information on measuring water levels using gnssefl

Interested in Sponsoring a GNSS-IR Short Course?

It takes support from our GNSS-IR community members to offer short courses. If you are interested to have a short course on the gnssrefl software and a specific application, it is important that you find people that are willing to help teach it. Please feel free to contact Kristine Larson if you are interested in pursuing this.

GNSS-IR e-mail list

If you would like to receive e-mail about GNSS-IR and gnssrefl software updates please contact Kristine Larson.