gnssrefl.computemp1mp2 module


prints out Receiver and Antenna name from a teqc log


teqclog (str) – the name of a teqc log

gnssrefl.computemp1mp2.check_directories(station, year)

checks that directories exist for teqc logs

  • station (str) – 4 character station name

  • year (int) – full year

gnssrefl.computemp1mp2.get_files(station, year, doy, look)
  • station (str) – 4 character station name

  • year (int) – full year

  • doy (int) – day of year

  • look (bool) – whether you should try to get the file from unavco if it does not exist locally


  • navfile (str) – navigation/orbit file

  • rinexfile (str) – name of the obs file

  • foutname (str) – full name of the teqc log output

  • mpdir (str) – directory for MP results

  • goahead (boolean) – whether you should go ahead and run teqc


computes MP1 MP2 stats using teqc or reads existing log

gnssrefl.computemp1mp2.readoutmp(teqcfile, rcvtype)

teqcfile input is the full name of a teqc log rcvtype is a string that includes the name of the receiver you are searching for. it does not have to be exact (so NETR would work for NETRS) returns MP1, MP2 (both in meters), and a boolean as to whether the values were found if rcvtype is set to NONE, it will return data without restriction

gnssrefl.computemp1mp2.run_teqc(teqc, navfile, rinexfile, foutname, mpdir)

run teqcs and stores the output

  • teqc (str) – location of the teqc executable

  • navfile (str) – name of the RINEX nav file

  • rinexfile (string) – name of the RINEX observation file

  • foutname (str) – name of the output file

  • mpdir (str) – location of the multipath directory on your system

gnssrefl.computemp1mp2.sfilename(station, year, doy)

Finds mp1 filename on your system

  • station (string) – 4 character station name

  • year (integer) –

  • doy (integer) – day of year


xfile – the full SNR filename on your local system

Return type:


gnssrefl.computemp1mp2.vegplt(station, tv, winter)

makes a plot of MP1 multipath metric. Sends to the screen

  • station (str) – 4 ch station name

  • tv (np array) – (year, doy, mp1, mp2)

  • winter (bool) – whether to throw out ~jan-apr and ~oct-dec