gnssrefl.download_teqc module

download a year of teqc logs from unavco can do multiple years as well 2022 september 15, updated to https access

gnssrefl.download_teqc.download_teqc(station: str, year: int, year_end: int = None)

Download teqc logs from UNAVCO for one (or more) year.

  • station (string) – 4 character ID of the station

  • year (integer) – Year

  • year_end (int, optional) – end year.

gnssrefl.download_teqc.mpfile_unavco(station, year, doy)

picks up teqc log from unavco if it exists stores it in $REFL_CODE / year / mp / station directory does not check that directory exists. Assumes you previously ran check_directories from the veg library

  • station (string) – four character station name

  • year (integer) –

  • doy (integer) – day of year