gnssrefl.download_rinex module

downloads RINEX files

gnssrefl.download_rinex.download_rinex(station: str, year: int, month: int, day: int, rate: str = 'low', archive: str = 'all', version: int = 2, strip: bool = False, doy_end: int = None, stream: str = 'R', samplerate: int = 30, screenstats: bool = False, dec: int = 1, save_crx: bool = False, delete_hourly: bool = True)

Command line interface for downloading RINEX files from global archives. Required inputs are station, year, month, and day. If you want to use day of year, call it as station, year, doy, 0.

decimate does not seem to do anything, at least not for RINEX 2.11 files

bkg option is changed. now must specify bkg-igs or bkg-euref


download_rinex mfle 2015 1 1

downloads January 1, 2015

download_rinex mfle 2015 52 0

Using day of year instead of month/day:

download_rinex p101 2015 52 0 -archive sopac

checks only sopac archive

  • station (str) – 4 or 9 character ID of the station.

  • year (int) – full Year

  • month (int) – month

  • day (int) – day of month

  • rate (str, optional) –

    sample rate. value options:

    low (default) : standard rate data

    high : high rate data

  • archive (str, optional) –

    Select which archive to get the files from. Default is redirected to all, as defined below. Value options:

    cddis : (NASA)

    bev : (Austria Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying)

    bkg-igs : igs folder of BKG (German Agency for Cartography and Geodesy)

    bkg-euref : Euref folder of BKG (German Agency for Cartography and Geodesy)

    bfg : (German Agency for water research, only Rinex 3)

    ga : (Geoscience Australia)

    gfz : (GFZ)

    jp : (Japan)

    jeff : Jeff Freymueller

    nrcan : (Natural Resources Canada)

    ngs : (National Geodetic Survey)

    nz : (GNS, New Zealand)

    sonel : (?)

    sopac : (Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center)

    special : (reflectometry Rinex 2.11 files maintained by unavco)

    unavco : now earthscope

    ngs-hourly: NGS, hourly files will be merged if they exist

    all : (searches unavco, sopac, and sonel in that order)

  • version (int, optional) – Version of Rinex file. Default is 2. Value options 2 or 3

  • strip (bool, optional) – Whether to strip only SNR observables. Uses teqc or gfzrnx. Default is False.

  • doy_end (int, optional) – End day of year to be downloaded. Default is None. (meaning only a single day using the doy parameter)

  • stream (str, optional) – Receiver or stream file, for RINEX3 only Default is ‘R’ but you can set to ‘S’ to get streamed version

  • samplerate (int, optional) – Sample rate in seconds for RINEX3 only. Default is 30.

  • screenstats (bool, optional) – provides screen output helpful for debugging Default is False

  • dec (int, optional) – some highrate file downloads allow decimation. Default is 1 sec, i.e. no decimation

  • save_crx (bool, option) – saves crx version for Rinex3 downloads. Otherwise they are deleted.