gnssrefl.quicklib module


Makes a png plot and saves it in REFL_CODE/Files


out (str) – name of output file (or None)


translate command line xlimits into datetime for nicer plots


xlimits (list of floats) – year (fractional, i.e. 2015.5)


  • t1 (datetime) – beginning date for x-axis

  • t2 (datetime) – end date for x-axis

gnssrefl.quicklib.trans_time(tvd, ymd, ymdhm, convert_mjd, ydoy, xcol, ycol, utc_offset)

translates time for quickplt

  • tvd (numpy array) – contents of whatever file was read by loadtxt in quickplt

  • ymd (bool) – first three columns are year,month,day, hour, minute,second

  • ymdhm (bool) – first five columns are year,month,day, hour, minut,

  • convert_mjd (bool) – convert from MJD (column 1 designation) time is datetime obj

  • ydoy (bool) – first two columns are year and day of year time is datetime obj

  • xcol (int) – column number for x-axis in python speak

  • ycol (int) – column number for y-axis in python speak

  • utc_offset (int) – offst in hours from UTC/GPS time. None means do not use


  • tval (numpy array) – time, via floats or datetime, depending on what was requested

  • yval (numpy array) – floats - whatever is being plotted on the yaxis