gnssrefl.nyquist_libs module

gnssrefl.nyquist_libs.ny_plot(station, allN, info, hires_figs)

allN is a numpy array of azimuth(deg)/nyquist(m) info is only needed for the title

  • station (str) – 4 char station name

  • allN (numpy array ?) – azimuth and nyquist answers

  • info (str) – information for the title

  • hires_figs (bool) – whether you want eps instead of png


pngfile – name of plot file

Return type:


gnssrefl.nyquist_libs.pickup_files_nyquist(station, recv, obsfile, constel, e1, e2, reqsamplerate, hires_figs)
  • station (str) – lowercase four character station name

  • recv (numpy array) – Cartesian coordinates of station (m)

  • obsfile (str) – name of orbit file

  • constel (int) – requested constellation (1-4)

  • e1 (float) – min elevation angle (deg)

  • e2 (float) – max elevation angle (deg)

  • reqsamplerate (float) – sample rate of receiver

  • hires_figs (bool) – whether you want eps instead of png

gnssrefl.nyquist_libs.read_the_orbits(obsfile, constel)
  • obsfile (str) – name of the orbit file to be read

  • constel (int) – which constellation (1-4), 1 for gps, 2 for glonass etc