gnssrefl.utils module

class gnssrefl.utils.FileManagement(station, file_type: FileTypes, year: int = None, doy: int = None, file_not_found_ok: bool = False)

Bases: object

FileManagement is designed to easily read the files that this package relies on. Required parameters include station and file_type from FileTypes class. Optional parameters are year, doy, and file_not_found_ok.


Get the path of a specific file from the FileTypes class. Returns file paths requested as a string

read_file(transpose=False, **kwargs)

Reads the requested file amd returns results of file as an array. Can use transpose parameter to transpose the results.

class gnssrefl.utils.FileTypes(value, names=None, *, module=None, qualname=None, type=None, start=1, boundary=None)

Bases: str, Enum

Files to either read from or save to.

apriori_rh_file = 'apriori_rh_file'
daily_avg_phase_results = 'daily_avg_phase_results'
directory = 'directory'
make_json = 'make_json'
phase_file = 'phase_file'
volumetric_water_content = 'volumetric_water_content'
gnssrefl.utils.read_files_in_dir(directory, transpose=False)

Read all files in a given directory. Directory given must be an absolute path. Returns an n-d array of results. Can use optional parameter transpose to transpose the results.

gnssrefl.utils.set_environment(refl_code, orbits, exe)
gnssrefl.utils.str2bool(args, expected_bools)
gnssrefl.utils.validate_input_datatypes(obj, **kwargs)