gnssrefl.read_snr_files module

gnssrefl.read_snr_files.compress_snr_files(wantCompression, obsfile, obsfile2, TwoDays, gzip)

compresses SNR files

  • wantCompression (bool) – whether the file should be compressed again

  • obsfile (str) – name of first SNR file

  • obsfile2 (str) – name of second SNR file

  • TwoDays (bool) – whether second file is being input

  • gzip (bool) – whether you want to gzip/gunzip the file

gnssrefl.read_snr_files.read_one_snr(obsfile, ifile)

reads a SNR file, changes units (linear) and stores as variables

  • obsfile (str) – SNR file name

  • ifile (int) – 1 for primary file or 2 for the day before the primary file


  • sat (numpy array of int) – satellite number

  • ele (numpy array of floats) – elevation angle in degrees

  • azi (numpy array of floats) – azimuth in degrees

  • t (numpy array of floats) – time in seconds of the day

  • edot (numpy array of floats) – elevation angle derivative (units?)

  • s1 (numpy array of floats) – L1 SNR in dB-Hz

  • s2 (numpy array of floats) – L2 SNR in dB-Hz

  • s5 (numpy array of floats) – L5 SNR in dB-Hz

  • s6 (numpy array of floats) – L6 SNR in dB-Hz

  • s7 (numpy array of floats) – L7 SNR in dB-Hz

  • s8 (numpy array of floats) – L8 SNR in dB-Hz

  • snrE (bool list) – whether the SNR exists for that Frequency

gnssrefl.read_snr_files.read_snr_multiday(obsfile, obsfile2, twoDays, dec=1)

originally meant to make snr arrays longer than a day to take care of midnight crossing. not currently invoked.

Snr data have units changed to linear units I believed.

  • obsfile (string) – name of first SNR input file

  • obsfile2 (string) – name of second SNR input file

  • twoDays (boolean) – False (default) for using only the first file

  • dec (int) – decimation value. 1 means do nothing

  • Results

  • -------

  • allGood1 (numpy array) –

  • sat (numpy array) – satellite numbers

  • ele (numpy array) – elevation angle (degrees)

  • azi (numpy array) – azimuth angles (degrees)

  • t (numpy array) – time, seconds of the day, GPS time

  • edot (numpy array) – derivative of elevation angle with respect to time

  • s1 (numpy array) – SNR on L1 frequency

  • s2 (numpy array) – SNR on L2 frequency

  • s5 (numpy array) – SNR on L5 frequency

  • s6 (numpy array) – SNR on L6 frequency

  • s7 (numpy array) – SNR on L7 frequency

  • s8 (numpy array) – SNR on L8 frequency

  • snrE (boolean) – whether it exists