gnssrefl.download_ioc module

gnssrefl.download_ioc.download_ioc(station: str, date1: str, date2: str, output: str = None, plt: bool = False, outliers: bool = False, sensor=None, subdir: str = None)

Downloads and saves IOC tide gauge files

  • station (str) – IOC station name

  • date1 (str) – begin date in yyyymmdd. Example value: 20150101

  • date2 (str) – end date in yyyymmdd. Example value: 20150101

  • output (str) – Optional output filename default is None The file will be written to REFL_CODE/Files

  • plt (bool, optional) – plot comes to the screen default is None

  • outliers (bool, optional) – tried to remove outliers, but it doesn’t work as yet default is No

  • sensor (str, optional) – type of sensor, prs(for pressure), rad (for radar), flt (for float) default is None, which means it will print out what is there. if there is more than one sensor you should specifically ask for the one you want

gnssrefl.download_ioc.find_start_stop(year, m)

finds the start and stop times for each month of the IOC download

  • year (int) – full year

  • m (int) – month number


  • d1 (str) – yyyymmdd for first day of requested month

  • d2 (str) – yyyymmdd for last day of requested month