gnssrefl.download_orbits module

gnssrefl.download_orbits.download_orbits(orbit: str, year: int, month: int, day: int, doy_end: int = None)

command line interface for download_orbits. If day is zero, then it is assumed that the month record is day or year


download_orbits nav 2020 50 0

downloads broadcast orbits for day of year 50 in the year 2020

download_orbits nav 2020 1 1

downloads broadcast orbits for January 1, 2020

download_orbits gnss 2023 1 1

multi-GNSS orbits from GFZ

download_orbits rapid 2023 1 1

rapid multi-GNSS orbits from GFZ

download_orbits rapid 2023 1 0 -doy_end 10

rapid multi-GNSS orbits from GFZ for days of year 1 thru 10 in 2023

  • orbit (string) –

    value options:

    gps (default) : uses GPS broadcast orbit

    gps+glo : will use JAXA orbits which have GPS and Glonass (usually available in 48 hours)

    gnss : will use GFZ orbits, which is multi-GNSS (available in 3-4 days). but taken from CDDIS archive

    nav : GPS broadcast, adequate for reflectometry. Searches various places

    nav-sopac : GPS broadcast file from SOPAC, adequate for reflectometry.

    nav-esa : GPS broadcast file from ESA, adequate for reflectometry.

    nav-cddis : GPS broadcast file from CDDIS, very slow to download

    igs : IGS precise, GPS only

    igr : IGS rapid, GPS only

    jax : JAXA, GPS + Glonass, within a few days, missing block III GPS satellites

    gbm : GFZ Potsdam, multi-GNSS, not rapid

    grg : French group, GPS, Galileo and Glonass, not rapid

    esa : ESA, multi-GNSS

    gfr : GFZ rapid, GPS, Galileo and Glonass, since May 17 2021

    wum : (disabled) Wuhan, multi-GNSS, not rapid

    gnss2 : multi-GNSS, but uses IGN instead of CDDIS. does not work

    gnss3 : multi-GNSS, but uses GFZ archive instead of CDDIS. same as gnss-gfz

    ultra : ultra orbits directly from GFZ

    rapid : rapid orbits directly from GFZ

  • year (integer) – full year

  • month (integer) – calendar month

  • day (integer) – day of the month

  • doy_end (integer) – optional, allows multiple day download